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The 2-Liter TREE DEFEND® with Poly/Viton Valves is set up for trees up to 26" in diameter and is ideal for doing larger volume injections (or multiple, consecutive trees). It includes a 2-Liter Reservoir with Built-in Air Pump and Pressure Gauge, (12) Poly Valves with Viton Seals, (12) Injector Tubes, and a Dual Outlet. To expand for a larger tree, purchase our Extra Tubing Section.

2-Liter TREE DEFEND with Poly/Viton Valves

  • 1 (2 Liter) Pump Bottle

    1 Built-in Pressure Gauge

    1 Built-in Air Pump

    4 Manifolds 

    12 Poly Valve Assemblies with Viton seals

    12 Injection tubes

    Flexible Tubing

    1 Drill Bit

    1 Spare Injection Tube

    1 Bottle Stake

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